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The Compton Leaders Impact Program has been one of the BEST experiences I've ever been a part of. I have met so many men and women who have helped me throughout the past 3 years of my life. I have learned so much from all the different classes we took in the program including plumbing, auto mechanics, financial literacy and job skills. I have had countless moments that have brought me closer to all the staff and college mentors we have had. The staff are like family to me and I feel that I can trust them all with my personal stories. The entire Metro staff loves what they do and the community they serve for. I love each and every one of them so much for opening their arms and providing such an enriching opportunity for kids like me who have a passion for gaining knowledge.


Aneicko Milligan

The staff at MetroCDC have welcomed me with open arms since the moment I met them. Through them I have gained a community, a family, and a stronger spiritual faith. I always have something to look forward to on Friday nights; a loving home with great food, amazing people and time spent studying the Bible. I am blessed and thankful to have been surrounded by a positive environment that I haven’t been surrounded with beforeI can strongly and confidently say, I wouldn’t have the leadership skills, the communication skills and time management skills I have today if it wasn’t for MetroCDC.


Aracely Constantino


“Our friends at Metro CDC have such a deep passion and love for the community, especially our kids, the next generation and selflessly serve to love them, lead them, and guide them. It’s been a tremendous privilege for me as a local pastor to partner with them, support their efforts, and continue to see their faith in Jesus drive them to help bring about much needed change in our community.”


Pastor Rudy Rubio
Reformed Church of Los Angeles

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Dedication Catering.jpg

Compton Metro is an incredibly valuable asset to not only our community but to Dedication Catering personally! They have groomed us professionally since our inception. They have mentored us since we were teenagers. They taught us how to grow our own food, educated us on business tools, gave us a platform to do public speaking & workshops, showcased our food in many of their events & connected us to countless resources & relationships. We are forever grateful for their sponsorship of our business. There would be no Dedication Catering without Compton Metro.  Their community work is making a strong impact in reshaping the entire narrative of Compton.  

Dedication Catering

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