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Dr. Sherridan Ross

Health and Wellness Director


Dr Ross is a lifelong resident of Compton. He graduated from USC medical school with degrees in Neurology, neuro-surgery and Bio genetic engineering. He practiced as a neurosurgeon in Southern California and had an accomplished medical career.  After retiring in 2013, Dr. Ross joined the Metro CDC team.  Dr. Ross brings his invaluable knowledge of medicine and gardening to his role as director of Health and Wellness. He has used his expertise to develop community gardens, health and nutrition programs, and healthy living programs in Compton and surrounding communities. He also gives leadership to the CLIP youth development program and builds into countless young people’s lives.

Bob Combs

Executive Director


Bob, a native of Los Angeles, attended Cal Poly Pomona, where he studied engineering and planned on pursuing a career in that field. However, after spending a summer working with kids and families in New York City he felt called in a different direction. In 1995 he married Susan and joined a Christian nonprofit in LA to work with youth. They moved into Compton in 2000 where Bob served as Youth Pastor at Community Missionary Baptist church for 12 years. In 2006 he earned his contractor’s license. He used this knowledge to create CAD, (Construction and Discipleship), which provides on the job training as well as mentoring for local youth/young adults. Bob has been the Executive Director of the Metro CDC Team since its founding in 2012.

Susan Combs

Operation Director


Susan was born and raised just outside of Washington D.C. After spending a summer in college working with kids and families in New York City, she knew she wanted to work with children in the urban context. In 1993 she joined a Christian nonprofit and moved to Los Angeles to work in youth development.  She and Bob married in 1995 and have lived and served in Compton since 2000.  She has been part of the Metro CDC Team since its founding in 2012. Susan manages the day to day operations for Metro, as well as helping to lead the CLIP youth leadership program and mentoring young women in the community.  However, her favorite job is as mom to she and Bob’s three wonderful children.

Juwan Cummings

Field Staff


Juwan and his family moved from San Francisco to a small town in the heart of California where he was raised. He went to college at California State University Dominguez Hills where he spent four years leading and involving himself in collegiate ministry up until he graduated in 2019. Juwan interned two summers with Metro CDC’s summer CLIP program where he developed a passion for serving and leading youth. Since then, Juwan has joined Metro CDC, moved into Compton, and helps mentors young men here in the community.

Vanessa Cummings

Field Staff


Vanessa was born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles. During her time at the University of California, Davis, Vanessa grew into her passion for mentoring inner city youth and offering the same support she received as a first-generation college student. After graduating, Vanessa interned with Metro CDC’s summer CLIP program as a mentor and quickly bonded with the youth and staff. Since then, Vanessa has joined Metro CDC, moved into Compton, and helps mentor young women in the community. 

Elizabeth Thompson

Field Staff


Growing up in Southern California, Elizabeth attended San Diego Sate University. It was there that she came to faith and developed a passion to mentor other women. She and Patrick married in 2007 and served with The Navigators, a Christian nonprofit, mentoring college students, first in Arizona and then in Sacramento. They joined the Metro team in 2020. Elizabeth works with young women in the CLIP youth program. However, her most important role is being a mom to her three children, Eliana, Miriam, and JJ, who keep her hands full but also her heart as well.

Patrick Thompson

Field Staff


Patrick is originally from Pasadena and attended San Diego State University.  in 2005, after graduating, he joined The Navigators, a Christian nonprofit, discipling college student in Arizona and Sacramento. While in Sacramento, Patrick helped run a youth center that offered educational and social programs for urban youth. It was here that his desire to work within the urban context grew.  Joining Metro CDC in 2020, Patrick gives leadership to the CLIP youth program, mentors youth and provides teaching/training for the staff team. He and his beautiful wife, Elizabeth, have been married since 2007 and they are the happy parents of Eliana, Miriam, and JJ.

Christopher Ballesteros

Field Staff


Chris was raised in a small town in central California. During his time at University of California: San Diego, he met the Navigators. His heart was sparked to mentor and help other men. After graduating, he went on staff with the Navigators. During his first summer on staff he worked with Metro CDC's CLIP program. It was there he discovered his passion for youth that looked like him and faced struggles similar to what he has. In 2021, Chris joined the Metro team where he helps mentor young men in the community. He has been a consistent sub at Compton Unified while attending grad school, giving him an even greater opportunity to be a resource for the youth. Chris loves mentoring and living in the city of Compton.

Rafael Osoria

Field Staff


Rafael was born in Pennsylvania and was raised in Florida and New Mexico. He came to faith in 2018 when attending Northern Arizona University while being involved with a christian organization on the campus called the Navigators. After realizing his calling to disciple youth, he made the decision to move to California. In January of 2022, he joined staff part-time and has since moved into Compton. Raf loves building relationships within the community. 

Tonya Herman

Senior Trainer


Tonya is a native of Indiana.  In 1994, after graduating from Purdue University, she moved to Los Angeles to work with a Christian nonprofit in youth development. She has lived in Compton since 1997. She has been part of the Metro CDC Team since its founding in 2012. Tonya is the team’s lead trainer and has developed Changing Spaces, a training to help organizations, churches, and businesses understand the cultural structure of social class and poverty.  In addition, she gives leadership to the CLIP youth development program, and mentors young people in the community. She is also the mom to two amazing young adult children.

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