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Leadership Development


We believe Compton’s youth are our greatest asset and are crucial to Compton’s future. Our leadership program exists to support them as they realize and develop their full potential. Through a mentoring relationship, we assist youth with a variety of needs they may have including help with school, applying for jobs, accompanying them to court and navigating relationship issues. We have the privilege of working with young men and women who inspire us every day by their determination, resilience and commitment to one another.

Our programs include:

CLIP-Compton Leaders Internship Program

An ongoing leadership and whole life mentoring program for high school and college-aged men and women. The program includes weekly Bible studies, one-on-one mentoring and quarterly educational, cultural and recreational activities.

CLIP Summer Internship

A 3 week internship for young men and women aged 14-22. Paired with college mentors, the youth participate in seminars as well as in hands on workshops. Topics covered include: financial literacy, job preparedness, personal growth, auto mechanics, plumbing, gardening and culinary.

Compton Summer Intensive (CSI)

A partnership with The Navigators, which draws students of color from around the country for a month-long training and service program. Working  with Metro, the students serve in churches and as mentors to the youth in our CLIP Summer Internship. 


Economic Development


Every community benefits from a healthy economy and every person deserves the opportunity of employment. We are working to create opportunities for young people to learn job skills and gain valuable work experience.  This includes the creation of our own businesses, as well as partnerships with local organizations.

Our programs include:

Metro Garden Beds

A small business that builds raised garden beds for homes, schools, universities and businesses. We hire and train young adults in all aspects of the business, including:  bed construction, material acquisition, customer service, sales and finances.

Construction and Discipleship (CAD)

A residential construction business that hires and trains local young people in the basics of construction, business skills and customer service.  The youth also learn life skills and receive mentoring by professional tradesmen.

Partnership with America’s Job Centers of California (AJCC)

Through this valuable partnership, young men and women are paid by the AJCC and placed, by us, in local jobs that fit with their career aspirations.


Community Development


Programs that enrich the lives of residents are vital in every community.  By listening to, and working with local leadership, we seek to create enriching programs that meet felt needs. We offer several opportunities to inform and engage with our neighbors.

Our programs include:


Partnering with other local organizations to provide programs and events that enrich the lives of community members. 

Healthy Living

Classes to educate and encourage the community to choose a healthy lifestyle. Classes range from gardening to nutrition and meal preparation. 

Changing Places

A variety of workshops guide participants through an exploration of how socio-economic class impacts a person’s values, feelings and behaviors.  These interactive seminars are taught in schools, businesses, churches and community spaces.

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